Readers ask: How To Pay Toll Road 241 In Rental Car?

How do I pay for toll roads in a rental car?

Automatically register through a rental car agreement Many rental car companies offer ways to pay tolls and have them charged conveniently through your rental agreement. If the rental car company or branch location doesn’t allow you to pay tolls through your rental agreement, you can pay tolls online.

What happens if you run tolls in a rental?

If you’ve rented a car and do not have a transponder, the toll charge will be sent to the vehicle’s owner—the rental car company —which will promptly forward that charge to you, the driver. In addition, that toll charge will be accompanied by an extra administration fee.

How do Tolls work with rental cars Enterprise?

How do I use TollPass™? Simply drive on the toll roads in the coverage area. A picture of the license plate will be captured at the toll plaza and payment for your toll will be made electronically. Your use of these lanes will automatically enroll you in our TollPass Service.

Can I use my Fastpass in a rental car?

Yes. You can use your FasTrak toll tag in a rental car and, if you go through a toll plaza, the rental car toll payment program (Pass24®, eToll®, TollPass® or PlatePass®) will not be activated.

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Can I use my transponder in a rental car?

You may use your own personal E-Z Pass transponder or account. Contact your transponder issuer for details on how to use your personal transponder or account with your rental vehicle. Some issuers may require you to register a rental vehicle with your account within a certain timeframe.

Can a rental car company send you to collections?

If you damage a vehicle and don’t have insurance, a rental car company could send any repair charges to a collection agency as well, dinging your credit in the process.

Does enterprise bill for tolls?

Under the terms and conditions in your rental agreement, you are responsible for all costs, fines, violations and tolls – as well as an administrative fee we charge for processing and billing.

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