How Should You Load Packages From The Road Side Of A Parked Car.?

When approaching a car parked at the side of the road what should you do?

If the vehicle is parked at the curb, drivers should approach the driver’s door from the front of the vehicle, facing traffic to increase awareness of oncoming traffic. Before entering the vehicle, drivers should check around the outside of the vehicle.

What should a driver look for when checking around the outside of a vehicle?


  • Check the condition of your tires.
  • Evaluate the surroundings of your car.
  • Make sure there is no fluid leakage.
  • Check the car for any damage.
  • In the winter, make sure snow is not blocking any windows, mirrors, or lights so you can maximize your view of the road.
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What is an example of a passive safety device?

Examples of passive safety features include airbags, crumple zones, and seatbelts. Some features, like automatic braking, can be active and passive. Automatic brakes can avoid a collision or mitigate the damage of one that is unavoidable.

What is the best way to control consequences if you Cannot avoid a collision?

The best way to control consequences If you cannot avoid a collision is to: Control, brake, steer to collide at an angle with an object.

How should you enter a car from the street side?

Horn. When entering a vehicle from the street side, you should do what? Walk around the front of the vehicle to the back. You just studied 13 terms!

What is the best way to approach a vehicle in a parking lot?

In order to protect yourself and others in a parking lot, you should:

  1. Enter your space by backing up whenever possible so that you’ll have an easier time when you leave the space.
  2. Drive in the center of your lane and park in the center of your space to make it easier for other people to see you and navigate the lot.

How can you successfully multitask while driving a vehicle?

To deal with the need to multitask while driving, your rule of thumb should be to never give any task more time and attention than needed. As you drive, be sure to avoid staring for too long in one place.

What’s the pre Drive checklist?

Pre-Drive Checklist: Demonstrate emergency parking brake, arm signals, windshield wipers, defroster, emergency flashers, headlights, turn signals, headlights, foot brake and horn, Parking Lot Driving: Leaving and returning to the DMV.

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What is the most important step in turning the car around?

whats the most important step in turning the car around? Carefully check traffic in all directions.

What is passive safety system in cars?

A passive safety feature is a system that does not do any work until it is called to action. These systems are seat belts, air bags, and the construction of the vehicle. These devices automatically deploy when the car gets into a crash.

What devices enable you to control the vehicle?

Operating vehicle control devices – Controls used for the operation of a vehicle, including steering wheel, gear selector lever, parking brake, cruise/speed control, ignition switch, and accelerator and brake pedals.

Are seat belts passive or active restraints?

While airbags are considered a “passive” restraint and are said to act as a “supplemental” restraint, seat belts are considered an “active” restraint. The difference is, the airbag is automatic and the seat belt must be manually buckled.

When you double the vehicle’s weight you will?

The brake power required to stop a vehicle varies directly with its weight and the “square” of its speed. For example, if weight is doubled, stopping power must be doubled to stop in the same distance. If speed is doubled, stopping power must be increased four times to stop in the same distance.

What is not considered an improper turn?

Turning at a stop sign or red light without coming to a complete stop or yielding to traffic or pedestrians. Making a left at a red light where doing so is prohibited. Turning without signaling, which is also called “Improper Turn Signal Use.” Turning without having the right-of-way.

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What are the 3 levels of braking?

Backing – Moving the vehicle in reverse direction. Coasting – Level of braking in which releasing the accelerator stops the vehicle’s forward propulsion. Controlled braking – Level of braking done with sufficient pressure to slow the vehicle.

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