FAQ: Naximum Speed At Which The Car Can Travdl Without Slipping Up The Road?

What is the max speed the car can drive without slipping?

The maximum velocity for the car is about 12 m/s.

What is maximum speed with car can safely driven?

The maximum speed with which a car can be driven safely along a curved road is [ 13.03m{{s}^{ – 1}}]. Hence the correct option is A.

What is the maximum speed at which the car can round a curve of 30 m radius on a level road is the coefficient of friction between the tires and road is 0.8 as an engineer you designed that a curve is to banked so that the car may turn the curved road at a speed of 45 kph without?

Find the maximum speed at which a car can turn round a curve of 30 m radius on a level road if coefficient of friction between the tyres and road is 0.4. Take g = 10 m//s^(2). υ=√μrg=√0.4×30×10=√120=11m/s.

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Why is it difficult for a high speed car to negotiate an unbanked turn?

An object is said to be non-accelerating when the magnitude of the speed and direction does not alter during its motion. A car negotiating an unbanked road at high speed is actually accelerating as the direction is changing.

How do you find tangential acceleration?

The tangential acceleration = radius of the rotation * its angular acceleration. It is always measured in radian per second square. Its dimensional formula is [T2].

What is the maximum speed with which a vehicle can negotiate a curve?

The maximum speed at which the car can negotiate this curve is 25 m/s.

What will be the maximum speed of a car on a curved road of radius 30?

5. 84m/s.

Why is banking of road necessary?

When the road is banked, the horizontal component of the normal reaction provides the necessary centripetal force required for circular motion of vehicle. Thus, to provide the necessary centripetal force at the curved road, banking of road is necessary.

What is the maximum speed of modem is?

Most modern modems can receive and transmit data at up to 14.4KBps (kilobits per second), 28.8KBps, or 33.6KBps. 33.6KBps is approximately equivalent to 3 kilobytes per second or 3400 characters per second. The very latest modems can receive data at speeds up to 56.6KBps.

How can speed be calculated?

Speed tells us how fast something or someone is travelling. You can find the average speed of an object if you know the distance travelled and the time it took. The formula for speed is speed = distance ÷ time.

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What affects the speed of a car?

Automobile speed is an outcome of four interacting factors: power, power train, weight and aerodynamics.

Is friction a centripetal force?

The frictional force supplies the centripetal force and is numerically equal to it. Centripetal force is perpendicular to velocity and causes uniform circular motion.

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