Question: What Does Initiate Mean On A Motorway Sign?

What does this sign mean on motorway?

On the motorway, signs sometimes show temporary warnings due to traffic or weather conditions. They may be used to indicate. • lane closures. • temporary speed limits. •

What does this 25 mean on this sign?

The speed limit on the slip road. The number of the next junction. The distance to the nearest town.

How do you read motorway signs?

A symbol may be included to warn of a hazard or restriction along that route. Green panels indicate that the primary route starts at the junction ahead. Route numbers on a blue background show the direction to a motorway. Route numbers on a green background show the direction to a primary route.

What is the difference between primary and non primary route?

Excluding motorways, primary roads that form a network between major towns are called primary routes. Other roads that are no considered primary routes, even other ‘A’ roads are referred to as non-primary routes. These may be roads that connect villages for example.

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What does a 50 motorway sign mean?

Temporary minimum speed 50 mph. Sign up to view official DVSA explanations and references to this question. Explanation: Look out for signs above your lane or on the central reservation. These will give you important information or warnings about the road ahead.

What are the yellow symbols on motorway signs?

A yellow sign at the road closure, telling you to follow a specific symbol to rejoin the motorway. Direction signs will use that symbol to indicate a route to follow. The symbols will end at the point you take a sliproad to rejoin your original route.

What does this sign mean parking?

In order to keep roads free from parked cars, there are some areas where you’re allowed to park on the verge. Only do this where you see the sign. Parking on verges or footways anywhere else could lead to a fine.

Who is not allowed on a motorway?

You must not enter a motorway if: • you are a learner driver or do not hold a full licence for the category of vehicle you are driving; • your vehicle cannot travel or maintain a speed of at least 50km per hour; • your vehicle has an engine capacity of 50cc or less; • you drive a tractor that cannot travel at or

What does this sign mean roundabout?

Well in fact it is to help drivers, espically foreign, to understand which way to go round the roundabout. The gap in the sign is to show there is no road to go round anti-clockwise, you MUST go clockwise, right round the roundabout, to get to your exit.

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Whats at the end of a motorway?

At the end of a section of motorway, the sign is the same as at the beginning, except that there will be a red line through it. This indicates that you’re joining a different type of road. You might also come across a sign reading ‘End of motorway regulation’ as you come off the road into a service station.

What are the 3 types of road signs?

A: Traffic signs are divided into three categories: regulatory, warning, and guide signs.

What Colour are motorway signs?

On approach, the motorway signs are coloured blue and white to help distinguish them from other routes. The motorway signs may also stand alone and are bordered in white.

What are non primary roads?

A Non Primary Route (or Non-Primary Route, sometimes incorrectly called a Secondary Route) is a road that is NOT a Primary Route, and as such is signed with white signage. The vast majority of roads within the United Kingdom fall into this category.

What are primary and secondary roads?

Primary roads are generally divided, limited-access highways within the interstate highway system or under State management, and are distinguished by the presence of interchanges. Secondary roads are main arteries, usually in the U.S. Highway, State Highway, and/or County Highway system.

What is the difference between the one mile and half mile signs before a motorway exit?

If you need to leave the motorway by an exit junction, you will find these sign posted in good time. They are spaced one mile before, a half mile before, and 30 yards before the exit. The junction number will be on the bottom left-hand side of the sign, giving you ample warning of its approach.

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