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Quick Answer: What To Do If I’ve Borken Down On The Motorway?

What should you do if your car breaks down on the motorway? What to do if you break down on the motorway Pull over safely. Ideally, leave the motorway at the next exit or pull into a service area. Don’t stay in your car. You want to get you andRead More

Question: What Does 25 Mean On This Motorway Sign?

What does 25 mean on the motorway? The speed limit on the slip road. The number of the next junction. The distance to the nearest town. What does a number mean on a motorway sign? Green panels indicate that the primary route starts at the junction ahead. Route numbers onRead More

FAQ: You Are Towing A Trailer On A Motorway. What Is Your Maximum Speed Limit?

What is the maximum speed when towing? The maximum speed for a car towing a trailer is 90kph. They have towing ability, but it is not their main function, therefore when they are towing a trailer the handling and braking performance is reduced. At what speed should a trailer beRead More

Question: What Color Yellow Are Signs On Motorway?

What are the yellow symbols on motorway signs? A yellow sign at the road closure, telling you to follow a specific symbol to rejoin the motorway. Direction signs will use that symbol to indicate a route to follow. The symbols will end at the point you take a sliproad toRead More

Question: What Does “fleet Services” Mean On Uk Motorway?

Does Fleet Services have a bridge? The Scott Mills Bridge was officially named and unveiled on March 16, 2016 at Fleet Services on the M3, following a campaign from the DJ’s Radio 1 co-presenter and mate, Chris Stark. What Junction is fleet services? Getting Here. The northbound services are locatedRead More